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Is our island, Khong Island located in Royal Belum?

Where is Temenggor?

Belum-Temenggor is divided into two sections. Belum is located up north right by the Malaysia-Thailand border while Temenggor is south of Belum. The Royal Belum State Park is entirely contained within the forest complex. Royal Belum is the name of Perak's state park, not a section on its own. The Temenggor Lake Bridge on the East-West Highway as shown in white on the map, divides Belum and Temenggor into two sections. 

Khong Island is one of the inhabited island on Temenggor Lake, it is also the only existing island resort. Temenggor lake is divided into Conservation Zones, Recreational Fishing Zones and Commercial Zones. The Conservation Zone covers the northern part of Temenggor Lake as the Sungai Kejar, Sungai Tiang and Sungai Gadong. High value fish such as Kelah, Temoleh, Baung, Clubau, Tengas, Loma, Tengalan, Sebarau and Lampam river can be found in Temenggor lake.

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